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Our Wines "Manfredo" line
Via Soldata, 2 - 48018 Faenza (RA)
Cod. Fisc./P.Iva It. 00082430398
Tel. (+39) 0546 634100
Fax (+39) 0546 634102

Cagnina di Romagna D.O.C. Dolce
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It is a red dessert wine, uniquely sweet, from a long tradition of Romagna. It is strictly obtained from the filtering of the fermenting must, in order to preserve the typical flavours of the vine, already developed, and confer the pleasant and characteristic sweet taste. It is one of the most typical wines from Romagna, and accompanies cheerfully the end of the meal.

Vine Terrano
Classification V.Q.P.R.D.
Geographical collocation Areas at the foot of the hills and hilly zones to the south of Faenza
Composition of the soil Medium rich, tending to be clayey
Vinification technique Traditional in red and advanced stop of the fermentation
Bottling Sterile. In cold, after micro-filtering
Colour Ruby red, with intense violet nuances
Bouquet Intense and characteristic, redolent with fresh red fruit tones
Taste Pleasantly sweet, fresh red fruit flavours stand out
Serving temperature From the cellar, 16-18 C
Food combinations Traditionally consumed at the end of the meal with the first roast chestnuts and the typical fruit tarts.

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